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In Every Aspect Of Life.

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Keys Consulting

Whether you're needing credit assistance, tax preparation services, or looking to become an entrepreneur, we can help you.

Keys Consulting is a results-driven consulting firm. Our unique approach is helping individuals find their way to a life of better credit, finances, and an overall better life. 

You will receive a fully tailored experience regardless of the service you need. We don't abide by a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Because we recognize every individual is different, we employ a uniquely personal touch, creating bespoke solutions that help all clients reach their full potential. 


Credit Repair

Repair, Rebuild & Maintain your credit through our credit restoration and credit education program

Tax Preparation

Work with a Professional Tax Expert to maximize your refund and lessen your tax liability

Business Structuring

Looking to start a business, but don't know where to begin? Let our Business structing consultants guide you






Growing up in the Small Town of Adel, Keiana had big dreams of helping others and serving her community. She’s an expert Credit specialist and she’s on a mission to help those in her community remove financial barriers while on their path to fruition. Keiana believes the first step to building wealth is having good credit and the tools you need to create the wealth.


After graduating from Cook High School in Adel Georgia, She went on to attend Valdosta State University. As a student at Valdosta State University, Keiana participated in many activities and was a part of various organizations throughout her undergraduate years of college. Keiana graduated with a Bachelors in 2016 and her Masters in 2018. She is currently attending VSU working on her second Masters. While in school Keiana helped family members fix their credit and provide financial literacy to those she met. In 2016 Keiana created budgeting workshops for minorities so that they could take control of their finances.  Keiana is someone who is goal-oriented and business-driven. Her knowledge, passion for teaching others, and business savvy mind have gifted her with the ability to provide such a service to others. Keiana has overcome adversity in every scenario. She finds the good in every bad situation and makes it an even better situation. Keiana is effortlessly genuine and transparent when dealing with all her customers. Keiana thrives to empower others every day to achieve their dreams in life rather than be small or big. Once she was realized she could create an opportunity to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a business owner by helping

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others and changing lives in the process there was no second-guessing or stopping her from bringing her dreams to life. A man once said the opportunities to change the lives of others and pay it forward are the most valuable fruits of leadership success. It provides significance to your leadership journey and a destination worth pursuing.

Keys Consulting started as a dream two years ago and in just a few days shy from 3 months into operation, it’s constantly growing and expanding. Keys Consulting was built on the idea of providing customers with the keys they need to succeed in life. Most people do not know that Keiana is a jack of all trades. She is a go-getter and full of determination. She thrives on being able to serve others. Keys Consulting's mission is to develop strong leaders for the community so that they too can create LEGACY financial stability for themselves and their families. To also help change generational poverty by educating on how important is to plan, build, lead, and succeed. The purpose of Keys Consulting is to provide financial empowerment and mobility through professional development and entrepreneurship while creating a community of self-sufficiency individuals. Keys Consulting specializes in financial literacy, credit restoration, building positive credit, business formation, personal and small business tax preparation, and business coaching.

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